Today Year 2 took part in an interactive workshop to support their topic of Movers and Shakers, where they are learning about famous activists and how the actions of some people can have an impact upon wider society. 

The children met Rosa Parks who told them all about what happened to her on the bus on 1st December 1955. She helped them to understand some key vocabulary like 'segregation', 'unity' and 'equality' and talked to them about the concept of equal rights. Rosa explained how people protested against segregation by refusing to use the buses, and that the protests lasted for 381 days. The children acted out being on the bus and at the end they danced and celebrated the changes made by the protests. They were also introduced to Martin Luther King Jr and heard some of his famous speech, "I have a dream...".

They had an amazing time and demonstrated a very clear and developed understanding of the events that occurred and how that made a difference to our lives today.