Co-ordinator: Mrs B Murray




The intent of geography education in Seaton Academy is to help children develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. The aim is to give children an understanding of diverse places, landscapes, natural resources, and people's lives, while simultaneously fostering a love for the environment and a responsibility to protect it.


An exceptional geography curriculum should be planned and sequenced to build on previous knowledge and include maps, atlases, globes, and photographs. There should be a focus on fieldwork, that is linked to learning in the classroom. The curriculum should also include lessons on environmental awareness and sustainability.

The use of first-hand experiences to support knowledge acquisition should be encouraged, along with a focus on developing geographical skills such as observations, identifying similarities and differences, and asking and answering questions. The learning journey for an outstanding geography curriculum also encourages authentic and independent activities such as identifying landforms and habitats in the school environment, taking part in field trips to local environmental sites and researching diverse parts of the world.


The impact of outstanding geography education in an infant school should be visible in children's knowledge, skills, and personal development. Regular assessments should show progress in previously explored topics, and children should be confident in the use of geographical vocabulary, maps, and basic research methods. Children should also have a clear understanding of the importance of sustainability and appreciate the diversity of the world.

Attainment in geography should be high, and children should be able to apply geography skills learned to other subjects. Alongside this, children should be confident in explaining and communicating geographical findings, thus building leadership and teamwork skills to articulate their findings. An outstanding curriculum equips children with the skill set required to evolve into active and informed global citizens, who can work together responsibly as future adults in a rapidly evolving society.


Geography Progression of Skills 2022-23

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Example of Geography Pupil Knowledge Organisers

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