Key Stage 1 - Science

Science Co-ordinator: Miss M Banks

Intent Statement: At Seaton Academy, our intent is to provide a Science curriculum that fosters curiosity, embeds scientific knowledge and skills, and is inclusive of all pupils, enabling them to become scientifically literate and prepared for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.
Implementation Statement: To achieve our intent, we provide a high-quality, enquiry-based Science curriculum that is challenging, engaging, and stimulating, ensuring that it allows pupils to develop conceptual understanding and procedural skills, while also fostering their scientific attitudes. Our Science lessons provide opportunities for pupils to explore the world around them and develop their scientific thinking skills through practical investigations, experimentation, and observation. We ensure that topics are revisited and built on each year for progressive development.

We enhance learning through the use of the local environment, trips and excursions, and STEM activities. This ensures that our curriculum is relevant to everyday life. We also ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all pupils through differentiation, scaffolding, and personalisation to meet the needs of every learner.

Impact Statement: Our Science curriculum delivers outstanding outcomes for pupils, with measurable progress in scientific knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes, and preparation for future education and employment. Pupil progress is closely monitored and assessed using a range of formative and summative methods and we ensure that assessment data is analysed to inform future teaching and learning.

Our pupils demonstrate high levels of engagement, interest, and motivation during Science lessons, leading to improved attendance and attainment across a range of subjects. Pupil voice plays a key role in our ongoing review of our Science curriculum, with pupils playing an active role in shaping the direction of our Science provision.

As a result, our pupils develop a deep understanding of the principles of Science and the ability to communicate scientific concepts effectively, making them confident, curious, and responsible citizens who are ready to contribute to a rapidly changing world.

Science progression of skills 2022-2023

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Year 1 Science Knowledge Organiser Example

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Year 2 Science Knowledge Organiser Example

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Science Principles

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