Key Stage 1 - PHSE/Citizenship

Co-ordinator: Mrs K Broughton

Intent Statement:

The primary intent of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education in our school is to provide a rich and diverse curriculum for all pupils. The PSHE curriculum will be carefully planned and sequenced to build knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable our pupils to manage the challenges they may encounter at school, home, and in the wider world. We aim to help pupils develop self-awareness, resilience, empathy and a positive self-image. It is also tailored to enable students to make informed choices about relationships, health, and their own financial management in opportunities such as The Green (ECO) Team and School Council.


Implementation Statement:


The school provides a PSHE curriculum that will be taught both explicitly and through cross-curricular opportunities, as part of the wider school ethos following 1Decision. This will include regular opportunities for personal reflection and sharing of experiences. The PSHE curriculum will place a high emphasis on developing student's confidence and self-esteem so that pupils feel encouraged to contribute to class discussions and express themselves clearly and also feel free to ask for help or support when needed. All pupils from Nursery to Year 2 will have access to PSHE teaching. The school uses a range of teaching approaches, which allow pupils to learn in memorable and creative ways, providing them with meaningful opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills.


Impact Statement:


Our PSHE curriculum is designed to support the personal development of all pupils, it will be monitored and assessed regularly to ensure that it is having the desired impact. The school expects to see a range of positive outcomes for its pupils, such as their full participation in discussions, confidence to speak out, greater self-awareness and self-esteem. Pupils will have an understanding of physical health and the importance of healthy relationships. They will also gain skills to manage their emotions and make informed choices. Pupils will develop a respect for diverse cultures and communities, and be prepared for life in modern Britain. Their talents will be nurtured to help them achieve their full potential, and they will be motivated to contribute positively to their community and to society at large. Finally, pupils will be equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and skills to engage in a positive, safe and healthy lifestyle.


PSHE Overview 1 Decision