Subject Lead: Mrs R Ross



Our Intent at Seaton Academy is to provide all students with a well-rounded and engaging curriculum that fosters creativity, imagination, and curiosity. It is to provide students with opportunities to explore a wide range of mediums and techniques to express their ideas and emotions, develop visual literacy, and build critical thinking skills. The goal is for all students to develop their self-confidence, self-awareness and be able to understand the different cultural perspectives that are represented through art.

The Implementation of Art in our school includes the following best practices:
- Teachers planning and delivering thoughtful and engaging art lessons that build on prior knowledge and skills of students, incorporating cross-curricular links where possible
- Teachers providing students with a range of high-quality materials, tools, and resources that are suitable for their age range, ability, and stage of development
- Teachers facilitating opportunities for student collaboration and group work, enabling them to foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie
- Teachers exposing students to a diverse range of artists and cultures, celebrating creativity, and fostering curiosity through rich classroom displays or digital presentations
- Teachers providing feedback that is constructive and meaningful, helps students to develop their art skills, and supports students to develop an understanding of the meaning of art and how it relates to their personal and wider lives.

The impact of an outstanding Art curriculum in our School is noticeable among the students and the wider school community in the following ways:
- Students will demonstrate clear improvement in their art skills and techniques, and be able to articulate and express their personal ideas and emotions in a variety of media confidently.
- Students will develop an appreciation of cultural diversity and understand how this is expressed through Art.
- Students will have increased confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem, helping them demonstrate a positive attitude towards their work and themselves.
- Students will be more motivated and engaged in their education, seeing the links between Art and learning in general.
- Parents and carers will appreciate the value of Art and how it equips students with valuable transferable skills for across the curriculum.


Art Overview 2022-2023

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