We had some celebrations of outside achievement! Well done to those who showed us their trophies and certificates! In our curriculum: Nursery have looked at height, comparing bigger than and smaller than. They looked at the story Jack and the Beanstalk and compared small Jack, the tall beanstalk and the Giant. They then went and had a go at making our own beanstalks using multi-link! Reception have had lots of fun in yoga. Earlier this week was international women’s day. During our yoga session they learnt lots of different yoga poses themed around lots of different famous and important women through history. They also read (and sang!) Old McDonald had a farm.  We then worked in groups to draw our favourite farm animal and stuck our drawings on to a whole class pictogram! Year 1 have been looking at measurement. We looked at non-standard measurement and measured items in the classroom using cubes, pencils and hands. In Science, they first worked in groups to write questions we would want to find out from our precipitation investigation. We then decided as a class our investigation question and have set up our very own investigation. As part of Design Technology the children have enjoyed exploring the construction kits in class. They have created their own wheeled vehicle and been able to talk about where the wheel, axle and chassis are. They have also talked about their design and described where the driver will sit or stand and how many passengers will fit in. Year 2 did ‘Active maths’ working in first teams and then partners. We played capacity BINGO where we had to work as a team to find and match the correct capacities to those on our bingo cards, then played temperature SNAP working in partners to pair up the thermometers with the correct temperatures on the cards. It was thirsty work, as you can see!